Welcome to Illawarra Legal Centre

The Illawarra Legal Centre is an independent, not-for-profit, community based legal centre.  We provide free legal services to the public by telephone, at our centre and at a range of outreach locations.

We focus on helping people living with disadvantage and people with special needs.  We are one of nearly 180 community legal centres across Australia.

Anti-Poverty Week this year is held 17th – 23rd October.

More needs to be done to tackle poverty in Australia. Illawarra Legal Centre supports Anti-Poverty Week’s (APW’s) call to raise income support above the poverty line and invest in social housing.

Read more about ILC and Anti-Poverty Week here

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Anti-Poverty Week  #APW21

Raise the Rate for Good campaign #BuildSocialHousing

Everybody’s Home campaign #RaiseTheRateForGood

ILC’s COVID-19 Response: Although our doors may be closed, we are still providing services, with our team continuing to give free legal services to the public by telephone.  Read more about how we are continuing to assist and support our clients here

COVID-19 Policing: Have you been stopped by police or had any interaction with police since the new public health rules were introduced in your area? Do you feel you have been treated unfairly? Do you know of an incident that concerns you?  You can report it on the COVID-19 Policing in Australia website.  This collaborative project is run by legal and human rights advocacy organisations.

Victims of family and domestic violence often require legal assistance and advocacy, read more about how ILC’s services can help here.

For other ILC News and Events, click here.

What We Do

General Law

Free legal advice in most areas of law and possible on-going assistance.

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Tenants Service

Free specific advice and assistance for people renting their home.

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Welfare Rights

Free specific advice and assistance for people having problems with Centrelink.

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Aboriginal Legal Access Program

Free specific advice and assistance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Financial Counselling

Free professional assistance to anyone experiencing financial difficulties.

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Community Legal Education

Free legal education to community groups and to members of the general public.

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Child Support

Free specific advice and assistance for parents receiving payments from another parent for their children.

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Law Reform and Policy Work

Our policy & law reform work is focused on challenging potential and existing unfair laws and practices.

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Children’s Court Assistance Scheme

Free specific advice and assistance for young people.

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