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This is a report on research undertaken to examine whether there is potential to improve access to effective online self-help for individuals and communities living with disadvantage.

The research focuses on access to legal resources but should be just as applicable to the health sector. The overarching aim is to improve access to justice. This is not just about an individual’s access to legal remedies, it is also about living in a just and equitable society, promoting social inclusiveness by dealing with intersecting problems which particularly beset those who live with disadvantage, which influences the health and wellbeing of all individuals.

ILC Annual Report 2018-19 

ILC Privacy Policy

Illawarra Legal Centre (ILC) wallet card
Provides contact details, phone advice times and brief descriptions of ILC services.

ILC – Need Legal Help? Flyer
Provides contact details and brief descriptions of ILC services.

ILC Multi Lingual Flyers
Flyers which provide contact details and brief descriptions of ILC services. Click on the language required below:


ILC – Tell us what you think . . . brochure
Your rights and how to provide us with feedback.

Aboriginal Legal Access Program

Aboriginal Legal Access Program (ALAP) Flyer
Provides contact details, office hours and brief descriptions of ILC services.

ALAP Poster
Provides contact details and office hours.

Child Support

Child Support Service Poster
Brief description about how ILC can assist and our website contact details.

Are you Getting Enough Child Support? Booklet
Information about child support payments.

Private Child Support Agreements Brochure
Information about agreements and where to get help.

Financial Counselling

Are you experiencing financial trouble? DON’T PANIC! Brochure 

Information about the Financial Counselling service, contact details and office hours.

Tenants Service

The Bond Kit (under review)
How to secure your Bond: A Guide for NSW Tenants.

Tenants Services Brochure
General information about the different types of service, phone advice times and contact details.

Welfare Rights

Do You Have a Centrelink Problem? Brochure
General information about ILC Welfare Rights service and contact details.

Young People

Children’s Court Assistance Scheme (CCAS) Flyer
Information about the CCAS service and attending Children’s Court.

CCAS wallet card (coming soon)
Information about the CCAS service and attending Children’s Court.


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