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Child Support Service

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Child Support Service

Our Child Support Service provides free legal advice, advocacy and representation (where appropriate) in relation to child support to the parent who has the child the majority of the time.

Financial Support for Children

Child support is an ongoing, periodic payment made by one parent to the other parent for the financial benefit of the child.

Both parents have a duty to support their children financially regardless of whether they spend time with the children or not.

Child Support Assessments

You can apply to Services Australia Child Support (CS) for an assessment.  CS will use a formula to work out the correct amount of child support to be paid.

Some of the things that the formula takes into account are the parents’ incomes, the level of care based on a table of sole care, regular care or shared care, the cost of raising your child and the number of children.

You can Register online at: or on the Services Australia Child Support enquiry line 131 272

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How We Can Help You With Your Legal Matter

We may be able to provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Child Support Assessments

  • Change of Assessment

  • Limited Child Support Agreements

  • Collecting Child Support
  • Enforcement
  • Child Bearing Expenses
  • Over 18’s Maintenance
  • Paternity matters
  • Liaising with Services Australia – Child Support

To organise a call back from our Child Support solicitor call 4276 1939

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