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Law Week | 15-21 May 2023

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Law Week - A week to learn more about the law

Law Week is an annual celebration that is all about creating greater access to justice.  

Legal services across NSW will be putting on a series of information sessions, designed to help people understand their rights, find answers to their questions, know what help is available and how our legal system works.

Law Week is all  about demystifying the law and empowering people. 

The law affects each of our daily lives and we all need information about our legal rights and responsibilities.  Many problems in our lives can have legal answers. 

Understanding whether your problem has a legal aspect could help you resolve it.

We are big fans of Law Week and as always, Illawarra Legal Centre will be hosting a number of events that are designed to help you find answers to your legal questions and understand your rights – something we are very passionate about.

Check out our Facebook page and website for the details of these events and if you are in need of FREE legal advice now, call our office on 4276 1939 to book an appointment.