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International Trans Day of Visibility | 31st March 2023

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International Trans Day of Visibility is a day of pride and celebration for gender diverse identity, achievements, and community. 

On this day and every day, we recognise trans and gender diverse people’s contributions, successes, strength and resilience.  We also celebrate the activism and determination that has brought us so far in the fight for justice and equality.   Visibility matters!

While recognition and celebration are important it doesn’t always result in trans and gender diverse people having the rights, protections, and safety they deserve.

Illawarra Legal Centre (ILC) acknowledges the adversity and discrimination that the trans and gender diverse community continues to face today.

Trans and gender diverse people are protected against discrimination, harassment and violence in many areas under New South Wales and federal law.  Laws also protect your safety in public, and your privacy when interacting with large organisations or government departments.

The legal system can be a difficult place and some of the laws providing trans and gender diverse people protection are complex.  As a community legal centre ILC assists people to realise their legal rights.  Whether it is at work, in education, when accessing goods or services, or interacting with government departments.  If you need legal help, call us 4276 1939, the staff at ILC can provide you with free legal advice.