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Aboriginal Legal Access Program

Our Solicitors Providing Legal Advice In Most Areas Of Law

Illawarra Legal Centre

Aboriginal Legal Access Program

The goal of our Aboriginal Legal Access Program (ALAP) is to promote access to justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW. 

At Illawarra Legal Centre, we aim to deliver culturally appropriate legal assistance services to ensure that Indigenous Australians receive the help needed to overcome legal problems and fully exercise their legal rights.

Why does this program exist?
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face disproportionate disadvantage across the legal system, including substantial barriers to accessing legal assistance services.
How does the program work?
Our ALAP worker works in conjunction with Illawarra Legal Centre’s (ILC’s) services and is there to offer free socio-legal support; you can choose to have the ALAP worker present and assist you in accessing and using our services. We can also provide you with information, support and referrals. ILC strives to offer a holistic service delivery, our ALAP worker seeks to connect clients with services that meet the diversity of their needs; like housing, money, employment, relationships, health & wellbeing.
Connect With Illawarra Legal Centre

How We Can Help You With Your Legal Matter

We may be able to provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Having trouble with fines?

  • Do you owe Centrelink money and not sure why?

  • Feeling hassled about money you owe or are owed?

  • Do you need help getting your licence back?

  • Having hassles at work with your boss or co-workers?

  • Do you think you’re not being paid right?

  • Have questions about a Will?

  • Problems with your housing or landlord?

  • Are you concerned about violence in your relationships?

  • Do you have any problems getting child support?

Our ALAP worker in the community

ILC’s ALAP worker works closely with local Aboriginal community organisations and groups to create and maintain productive, respectful, working partnerships and by attending relevant networks, interagencies and consultations in the Illawarra region.

The ALAP worker also provides avenues of legal support and access to local community groups. You can organise with our ALAP worker to receive a community workshop to address specific legal issues by calling the office on 4276 1939.

You can usually find us participating in local community events (for example: NAIDOC, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week).  If you have an event coming up that you would also like us to attend call the office on 4276 1939.

Useful Links

Illawarra Legal Centre’s ALAP service is one of only five programs in NSW.  To learn more about this program visit:

Please take note that

Illawarra Legal Centre cannot give legal advice by email

Unfortunately we cannot give advice by email. We cannot protect any confidential information you send to us by email if we have not asked for that information.