General Law

Victims of family and domestic violence often require legal assistance and advocacy in relation to matters such as Apprehended Violence Orders, Victims’ Support and more.

The Illawarra Legal Centre has a team of generalist solicitors who are able to provide free and confidential advice and advocacy in regards to your situation. We can also arrange interpreters if required.

Some time limits do apply for different matters so it always best to get advice as soon as possible so you can be informed of all your options.

Child Support

Family and domestic violence in the home often underlies ongoing problems in coming to arrangements around child support and parenting matters.

The issue of family and domestic violence is given prominence in law that affects families.

Our child support solicitor provides legal support to help reduce the risk of and harmful effects of family and domestic violence.

The Illawarra Legal Centre has a dedicated child support solicitor who will provide you with advice about your options and assistance in child support and some family law issues.

Financial Counselling

If you are experiencing family or domestic violence you are probably at risk of experiencing financial hardship as the result of being forced to re-locate  or to leave work etc.

The Financial Counselling service is able to assist you in many ways. We will present you with available options and advocate on your behalf, if required, with your creditors to negotiate suitable arrangements during any difficult periods and/or will assist you to implement the option that you have chosen to alleviate your financial stress.

Tenants Service

If you are experiencing family and domestic violence in the home where you rent you will most likely be asking yourself the question of whether to stay or leave.

Tenancy law in NSW has special provisions to make that choice easier, however everyone’s situation is different and so it’s important that you understand all of your options before making that difficult decision.

Staff at the Tenants Service take matters involving family and domestic violence very seriously and will take the time needed to understand the situation before giving you the advice you need.

Please call the Tenants Service on 4274 3475 on:

Mon – 9am-12pm

Tue – 1pm-4pm

Wed – 1pm-4pm

Fri – 9am-12pm

Welfare Rights

The Welfare Rights Service is committed to supporting people who are affected by family and domestic violence by providing information, advice and help in relation to Centrelink problems. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing family and domestic violence, you may have questions regarding your rights to income support from Centrelink.

The Centrelink payment, and payment rate, may be different if you are no longer a member of a couple. You may also be entitled to additional payments, for example a crisis payment. A crisis payment is a one off payment you may be eligible for if you have left your home because of family and domestic violence and have set up a new home, or plan to set up a new home. A crisis payment can also be paid if you remain in your own home after family and domestic violence and the person responsible has left. A claim for crisis payment must be lodged within 7 days of the event.

Our solicitors can provide free and confidential advice about crisis payments, payment types and rates, and appeals against Centrelink decisions. We can also advise you about exemptions from the activity test and exemptions from taking child support action. We understand that it is important to get expert and timely advice in family and domestic violence situations.